Saturday, March 26, 2011

O the Joy and O the Sorrow

Never have I felt the need to worship God as much as tonight. The aching heart and the lies and deceit of the flesh had nawed at my soul. The worship band, the masses alongside me, and the realization of God's presence were an abundant blessing. God's hand is in every aspect of our lives. He is not silent. He knows the burdens of our heart.

Shadows was a reminder to cast all our worries and fears at the cross. We then sang remembering the saints that are in heaven praising their Heavenly Father along with us. When we remember we are loved and forgiven we can weep joyful tears remembering His goodness. His love encompasses our hearts and in gratefulness we can give our lives to serving Him. We are His forever and ever.

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  1. Joy and Sorrow are in the small moments as much as the big picture. I'm so glad you're blogging Laura! In a way remembering these snapshots of life are a lot like the worship you just described. The best part is that both can be remembered as a gift.
    Keep blogging!