Tuesday, July 30, 2013


In the past six weeks I have...

1. ...gone to the infusion center 3 days a weeks for iv treatment.
2. ...met some inspiring people through the infusion center.
3. ...watched countless T.V. episodes and movies.
4. ...enjoyed creating things like cards and an advent calendar.

Jon's Birthday Celebration

5. ...had many uplifting conversations with my Mom.
6. ...enjoyed going to antique stores with my Dad.
7. ...been grateful to spend this time with my siblings.

Daniel's Birthday Lunch on Cow Appreciation Day!

8. ...enjoyed sending notes via snail mail to my hubby.
9. ...been encouraged by all the love we have been shown by friends and family.
10. ...succeeded in destroying this awful Lyme beast little by little!

It has been a summer full of hardships and blessings. And I am so happy that this season in our life is almost over but I will be sad to leave my family. Lord willing, I get to go home in four weeks and begin a different course of treatment. My CD-57 number is up to 37. So grateful because I thought it would take longer to get my health to that point. Our current goal is to get to 60 and I am more than half-way there! The Lyme Disease should be much more manageable at that point. Thank you for your prayers. We still have a long way to go but we are hopeful that the worse is over.