Friday, January 6, 2012

A Wonderful Blessing


I watched It's a Wonderful Life with new eyes this year. I'm sure we can all relate to a point in our life where we feel worthless to anyone including ourselves. In the movie, George Bailey had the opportunity to see what life was like without him in his community. He had blessed so many people without realizing it. Without him, the city fell apart and the sinister Mr. Potter changed everyone's lives for the worse. They both chose their path in life: one to bless and the other to harm those around him for his personal gain.

The past few months have been a time of desperation in my life. I felt worthless most of the time. During those days a smile someone gave as they sat in their car letting me cross in front of them would brighten my outlook of the whole day. We are created to work together in this world and to play a part in each others' lives. Like Mr. Potter and George Bailey we choose how to treat one another and thus impact their lives.

The time of desperation in my life the past few months has changed my outlook in life. Although very difficult to go through I consider it a blessing and an honor. I am more grateful for simple things like making dinner, going to church, and running errands. I hope I do not forget this gift and continue to count my blessings. I encourage you to look at the small things in life that you can be grateful for and the struggles in your life may not seem so big after all. Sometimes it takes a lot of thankfulness and a little desperation to be so incredibly grateful for something as small as Zuzu's petals.