Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Prayer

This isn't what we expected,
But it's essential to your plan.

Our life was turned upside down,
But you have carried us.

The valley is deep,
But your love is deeper.

When we can't go on,
You give us hope. 

It's been three years,
As you already know.

We wish to move on,
But you are the author.

One day we will look back in awe,
At the story you wrote for us.

In the here and now,
Give us the strength to keep fighting.

Yesterday was our third anniversary. It has been a crazy adventure. Despite my very poor health, we are so happy to be married. The Lyme and RSD flare began the day after our wedding. My health started declining rapidly and it changed all of our plans. But I truly believe it has been for the better. So many wonderful things have come out of this trial. Life is a learning process and trials are an incredible learning and life changing experience. There has been a lot of heartache but there have also been many moments of joy and awe in God's plan for our life. 

Thank you for walking with us on this journey. We are so grateful for your prayers and encouragement. The picture above was taken a few days ago. I may look healthy on the outside but honestly, I am surprised that I even made it out of bed that day. Thankful for the strength that God gives us each day to keep fighting this terrible disease.