Wednesday, February 18, 2015


You have planted me,
Given me roots.

Walked me through a raging river,
And calmed the surrounding waters.

The river once swollen with pain and heartache,
Becomes serene and clear as diamonds. 

Rain falls but the river is at peace.
Drops bounce. They join the river, not consume.

A new season has begun,
Roots are reaching out. 

Closer to the River of Life,
Drifting away from the drought.

No leaves fill the branches,
But they will soon follow.

After all, don't the roots matter more?
They are the heart of the tree.

Spring will arrive,
With the grandest splendor.

Out of brokenness the river will overflow,
And the roots will soak in the healing water.

Only then will the leaves appear,
Slowly but with captivating beauty.

Beauty that starts in the dirt,
And rises with the heavens as it's backdrop.