Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Maryland Free Coloring Page

Summer is nearly over and a new school year is on the horizon. With this in mind, I decided to make a simpler coloring page for kids to enjoy. Here is a coloring page inspired by the state I was born in. Let me know what you think! Happy Coloring!

Click here to print your Maryland Coloring Page

And here is the link to the Be Brave Coloring Page
And here is the link to the Saltwater Coloring Page

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Chronically Fashionable

 Fashion has never really been my thing. When it comes to appearance I mostly care about what earrings I am wearing and 99.9% of the time I made them. But when it comes to clothes my number one requirement is comfort. And every piece of clothing has to work for my health requirements. I thought it would be fun to spoof a "What I Wore" fashion post as a chronically fashionable (haha) woman. So here goes nothing...


Fancy pajama day! On this day everything hurt so comfy and flowy clothes were the answer. Because of the RSD/CRPS my legs always need to be covered. Any wind or air touching can be very painful. Pants are best because I need to lie down often to calm down my heart rate and sometimes that's hard to do in a skirt. I've never been trendy in my life but Palazzo pants are the best...making pajamas trendy one pair of pants at a time!


Trying to look semi professional but also comfy in this outfit. A trend in my outfits is trying to disguise my weight with shirts. My weight is constantly changing and I have absolutely no control over it. People get worried when I look too skinny so I'd rather look bigger to avoid that! Flowy and ruffle shirts are great for this. Maxi skirts aren't as convenient as pants but they are super comfy and keep the wind from touching my legs. Mission accomplished.


After two days of trying to be normal my body decided I needed to stay in bed all day. So here are my true pajamas. Comfy shirt and six year old yoga pants. Winning!


Finally some color in my outfits! Coral and navy happens to be one of my favorite color combinations. I love the style of this shirt and I wear it all the time. These pants are the closest I get to shorts. Notice how they're sheer part of the way down? Perfect for staying cool and protecting my legs from unnecessary pain! And the elephants on the bottom are the icing on the cake!


More color! Such a comfy shirt, I love it! And these linen pants are the best. So soft and perfect for hot days. Oh, and they have an elastic waistband need I say more? And the necklace is made by me and helps dress up the outfit a little more. I have worn pajamas before only to put a huge statement necklace and called it dressed up. Hey, when you're in pain ya gotta do what ya gotta do!

So my fellow chronically fashionable you dress similarly? Any tips you've learned along the way? I'd love to hear them!