Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Chain

I found this poem today that I wrote back in 2009. At the time I was just beginning my journey with Lyme. 

This week has been a challenging one and I have felt blindsided by a lot of things that relate to my health. It is so easy to let anxiety and anger take over. I just want to be better and it often feels like two steps forward and one step back. But I am grateful that God can use anything, even words that I wrote a few years ago to encourage me to keep fighting.

The Chain

The chain wrapped ‘round my ankle once again,
I could feel the devil pulling me in,
Encouraging vice and falsity,
And telling me things that could never be.

I was fed the lies and believed each one.
The lies rolled off my tongue.
I told myself I could never be loved,
Not after what I had done.

The chain breaks loose,
I climbed out of the abyss,
I see the light once more,
But the light is brighter than before.

I see the truth I hear Him now,
And see the devil’s furrowed brow.
The joy I have shall not leave,
To Christ alone will I cleave.

But the joy is blinding to the enemy,
My joy is all he can see.
So the chain entwines my ankle once more,
But the chain is not the same as before.

This time I must suffer for the joy I bear,
And the chain tempts me to despair,
I am falling once more into the pit,
This the Lord cannot permit.

His hand extends into the pit,
To Him alone the chains submit.
The chains fall into darkness,
Falling further into the abyss.

Harm was the devil’s plan,
But in me my Father’s work began.
The struggles I face are for His glory,
And the chains are a mere memory.

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  1. Hi Laura,

    I happened to stumble across your name and blog on the Lyme Map on "". I found the chain poem to be very deep and touching. Your entire blog is absolutely beautiful from the name of the blog, the writings from your heart and your smile!

    This struck me because I live in NH and I believe in 2009 I contracted Lyme Disease too (the summer I graduated high school)! But I continued to suffer with health problems until finally finding a Lyme literate doctor this fall and being diagnosed with Lyme and two co-infections. I am still being treated and it is a struggle every day! It is so hard especially being so young and being so limited, and forgetting what normal even feels like. However, this past year I have turned my life over to God fully because I realized that I can not do this alone.

    I am sorry to hear that you are going through this as well, but God works in wonderful ways, and you are helping other people by reaching out with your blog! I pray that you do not get discouraged and keep doing God's good work! Stay strong in your faith, and He will bless you! :)

    -Matthew 5:16 "Let your light shine before all men that they will see the good work that you do, and will praise your Father in Heaven." <3