Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Coloring Book for Operation Christmas Child

I like to include a small coloring book in my Operation Christmas Child boxes but I couldn't find the right size this year and decided to make one myself. After my Nana passed away I wanted to continue her tradition of doing two boxes for little girls. So the pages are pretty girly. Maybe next year I'll draw one for boys too. 

Here's a quick step by step on how I put mine together. 

1. Print your pages by clicking here. Unless you have a fancy printer that can print on both sides you will end up with these four pages.

2. Use a glue stick to put these two pages together back to back.

3. Then glue these pages back to back.

4. Lay the pages on top of each other in this order. 

5. Line up the edges and fold in half like this.

6. You can use staples or sew a few stitches Like I did. You can't tell here but I used purple embroidery thread and it added a nice pop of color.

7. You're done. Don't forget to include crayons or colored pencils. :) 

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