Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thankful Thursday

With everything going on right now I want to remember to be thankful. I want to dwell on the things I have, not what I feel I'm lacking. I also want to be grateful for even the smallest things. My hope is that each week I can post about ten things I am grateful for that week.

Five things that I am always grateful for:

1.  God - Without Him I would be unable to find purpose in life and be able to understand why so many things happen. I don’t understand everything by any means but I know He has a perfect plan in everything.
2.  My husband – I am thankful for the godly man he is and how hard he works to provide and that he never complains that he has to do so much around the house because I am unable to.
3.  My parents – Their commitment to follow God even through the hard times. For being a model of a godly husband and wife to me and my siblings. For raising us in a Christ centered home and for always being proud of us for doing our best from chores to school work.
4.  My siblings – I can’t tell you how thankful I am for them. Craziest, funniest, most loving siblings I could ever ask for. (They do know how to drive me crazy sometimes though!)
5.  A place to live. - God taught me and Shawn to completely put our trust in Him while He had us wait till the last minute to find a home.

And here are ten things I am particularly thankful for today:

1.  My hubby being off work and being able to spend the whole day with him.
2.  Going on a lunch date with my hubby.
3.  Less pain today.
4.  For the sunshine that burst through the daunting clouds. It has been such a gorgeous day!
5.  Driving around with the windows down and blasting country music. Also grateful that Shawn shares my love for country music.
6.  Technology. Having family and friends only a phone call away is a stress reliever. I am also grateful for the distraction internet and movies can be when I am in pain.
7.  The blessing of getting together with family and friends this week. So grateful for the people God puts in our lives at just the right time.
8.  So grateful for the prayers offered up on Shawn’s and my behalf these past months.
9.  Different types of medical treatment from acupuncture, to doctors, and medicine.
10.Finally being able to sleep through the night without pain interrupting!

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