Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thankful Thursday

       1.       The relaxing sound of the breeze outside.
2.       The gift of becoming lost in a good book.
3.       Fruit
4.       Waffles. Cannot tell you how many I have eaten in the past week.
5.       Having a table in our dining room we can eat at instead of the whole room being engulfed in boxes.
6.       Seeing a doctor this week and developing a plan of action.
7.       Crutches. Can barely get around without them now. And the turquoise blue covers I made for them make me smile.
8.       For the distraction that comes from watching television, especially shows like Bones and N.C.I.S.
9.       Laughter.
10.   That Shawn doesn’t have work tomorrow. Three day weekend!

Thankful for the reminder of seeing the blessings in life.

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