Friday, September 30, 2011

Lyme and Brain Fog

Lyme Disease is a brain killer, a life changer, and a disease that's name sounds to nice to describe it's horrors. I suppose it's named after the man who discovered it but I think it should be renamed to something that doesn't sound so "fluffy". If you can't realized by my tone it as been a rough day week month. During this month I have experienced a number of scary and frustrating symptoms. To name a few, I have lost control of my neck causing my head to fall, opened my mouth to find no words could come out, and experienced a lot of brain fog and memory loss. Today, I want to explain what brain fog is like.

Imagine you have had a really bad day at work and all you want is to go home curl up in bed and hide from the day. But you have a looming chore ahead of at Walmart and it's 8:00pm. You arrive at Walmart to screaming kids, crowded aisles and the lines ahead of you are horribly long. You're standing in the middle of the chaos and realize you don't have a list. Your head is swimming and you're about to shutdown and quite possibly cry. Stop right there because that is the feeling I have when brain fog comes.

Hope this helped explain a little more of what's been going on than I can usually explain. This post is not intended as a "why me Lord?" post, rather I want to explain what we've been going through on my blog since it can be difficult in person. As much as I hate (and feel horrible to admit) it can be exhausting telling everyone how I'm doing and what's going on. This does not mean I hate being asked these questions or am trying to avoid them instead I want to give some extra information. I am touched by everyone's worry concern, and prayers on our behalf. It means so much to me and I don't know where we'd be without the support God has blessed us with.

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