Sunday, September 18, 2011

What a week!

Shawn and I have been so blessed this week. It's been good for me to be back in my hometown and introduce Shawn to family, friends, and a look into my childhood. The doctor's appointment went well. Just waiting for my Maryland doctor to get in touch with my Hawaii doctor so everything can be pieced together.

Church was a blessing today. So thankful for growing up with a Pastor who teaches and wants you to really understand Scripture. And the children in the service are always included with a special part of the sermon just for them. The members of the church are family and I am so blessed to have each one of them in my life. If my brain wasn't so tired and foggy I could just keep writing about my home church.

It has been a blessed trip thus far and we have another week left! More things left to do and more people to see.


  1. Oh, you're still here??? How fun!

  2. It was wonderful to see you and meet Shawn! We'll be continuing to keep you in our prayers :)