Monday, April 16, 2012

Year One, Introduction

I have been convicted that I need to share exactly what Shawn and I have been going through these past ten months. Our story has been such a testament to the love of our Heavenly Father and I hope it is an encouragement to those who read it. It will not be easy for me to write all of it. Some memories I wish I could forget and I still cry when I think of them. But if I don't start at the beginning and share all the details, you will not be able to see the extent of God's work in our lives.

Over the next few months I will be sharing our story piece by piece. Not sure how long it will take or how often I will be able to post. My health is far better than a few months ago but it is still unpredictable. I hope you will come back and read our story post by post. We have been through so much in our first year as a married couple and I am certain that God has been preparing us for the years to come. And I know that as He has gotten us through this, He will bring us through whatever lies ahead.


  1. Laura - so glad you are doing better. Cannot wait to read about your journey!

    1. Thank you! I am so grateful to be a little more "normal".