Saturday, April 21, 2012

Life with Lyme - The Plan

Before we got married Shawn and I began planning our jobs, school, and living situation. Normal engagement stuff. It was a crazy time let me tell you! Between planing a wedding and my family planning to move back to the mainland, life was total chaos. 

I had been working as a secretary and got the opportunity to teach Latin full time in the coming fall. I was very excited about my new job especially since I always dreamed of being a Latin teacher but never expected it to happen! Shawn liked the idea too but we soon realized how crazy our lives would be with him finishing school and working and me working around the clock (so many papers to grade!). So we left it in God's hands and trusted it would work out.

We began searching for an apartment soon after we were engaged. Finding affordable housing is not a simple task in Hawai'i. I could write a whole post about that but I shall refrain. We came close to renting places and it wouldn't work out at the last minute. So frustrating! A friend had just moved and had their old apartment vacant for a month. So for the month of June we had a place to live and after that nothing! Right before June ended we found an apartment. I think God was teaching us to trust His timing!

We both worked summer school during June. I was loving teaching the kids but my body was quickly falling apart. It took me a long time to let the kids I was teaching see me on crutches. I had been using them everywhere but work. I explained to them what was going on and they understood far more than I expected. Then my health got to the point where I went to the E.R. several times right after work. I made it through the end of my summer teaching but just barely.

In July I had a few weeks off and I was hoping with rest I would improve but I quickly became worse. I ended up pulling out of the Latin job two weeks before the school year began. It killed me and I felt like I failed but it was the best decision.

Summer ended and I just stayed at home. I spent my days on my laptop, watching television, and occasional crafts but the whole time I had a list of all the other things I wanted to be doing in my mind (housework, cooking, errands, etc.). I was dealing with a lot of pain, brain fog, nausea, headaches, you name it I probably felt it! What not everyone realizes is that Lyme effects your entire body and wherever there is weakness the Lyme attacks that area even more.

At first we thought I was dealing with my nerve injury so we made doctor appointments to figure out solutions. We were just beginning to think it was actually the Lyme when the unexpected happened. But that is for the next post...


  1. Laura! I just discovered your blog and read this post. I am so sorry for all the physical pain you have been dealing with - I had no idea it got this bad, and I am so sorry! I am glad you have Shawn to care for you in this. May God continue to show you His love and faithfulness.

    1. Thank you Heidi. We are so thankful for how God has provided for us especially during this difficult time.