Thursday, June 6, 2013

Something New

The past two years have been an adventure. There have been many triumphs but also many days of hardship. In January, it seemed like the worse was over and that I was finally getting back on my feet. A few months later stress, doctor, and medication changes were causing me to go back to a place we never wanted to be again. We were doing everything to keep things under control  but it was time to make a change.

April was a month of survival but I was not at all prepared when I woke up one morning to a phone call from my mom. My Nana had a heart attack and was not going to make it. I was devastated. A few hours later Nana went to be with the Lord. Later that night I left to be with my family and Shawn soon joined us in Maryland. God blessed every leg of that journey and the time with all our family was precious. It was incredibly hard but we were together. I lost one of my best friends but I am so thankful she is celebrating in heaven today.

Travelling to Maryland and dealing with the loss of Nana just added to my health struggles. We researched all possible options for treatment in Hawaii, Maryland, and Texas. While visiting my family in Texas we found out about a specialist who has treated two of our friend's friends. We were hopeful and called immediately. Last Friday, after making many phone calls explaining our situation we booked an appointment for Monday.

It was a rather stressful vacation because there were so many unknowns. Would the doctor believe me? Would I stay in Texas for treatment? How long would I have to stay? Will our insurance cover the treatment or will it all be out of pocket? And the list goes on.

We saw the doctor on Monday and everyone who helped us was shocked that we got an appointment so quickly. Most appointments are being booked in July and August. When we were asked how we got the appointment all we could say was that it was God. We really liked the doctor and are blessed by her knowledge and her willingness to help us fight the Lyme Disease. I had blood taken and we are waiting to see the results before starting treatment.

 I am currently writing from Texas while Shawn just returned to Hawaii for work. I am staying with my family and I am so thankful they are willing to help take care of me. We all feel a lot better because we know I am supposed to stay here for now. It's not going to be easy but I am right where I need to be. My next appointment is in a week.

Here are a few specific prayer requests:

  • Pray for peace and comfort during this time of uncertainties
  • Pray for clear test results as well as quick and effective treatment.
  • Pray that insurance will cover all necessary treatment.

"In the same way I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born..." ~ Isaiah 66:9

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