Thursday, January 22, 2015

When Your Loved One Has Chronic Lyme

This post is for those who have family members or friends with Chronic Lyme. Here are ten things to help you understand what a Lymie needs from you.

1. You are needed now more than ever.

Lyme has changed their life. They are hurting and just trying to stay alive. Reach out to them but keep in mind they may be physically or mentally unable to reciprocate.

2. Treatment is crucial.

Lyme has the potential to do major damage. The sooner your loved one gets treated the better. Try to support them anyway you can in this.

3. Something small can cause significant damage.

Lyme is generally caused by a tick bite. A tick is incredibly small but it has the ability to effect every part of the body. Symptoms range from joint pain to memory loss and everything in between.

4. Memory loss is real.

Your loved one may forget things that were scheduled or even your birthday. Try your best to be understanding. I have forgotten many things and thankfully everyone has been gracious but I still feel horrible every time. Memory loss with Lyme can also be as extreme as forgetting the people in your life. Thankfully with treatment memory loss can get better.

5. Don't believe everything you read.

There are numerous lies about Chronic Lyme. The medical community has not caught up with the times so beware of what you read and believe.

6. It's going to get harder before it gets better.

Treatment does not fix everything quickly. In fact, things usually get worse. It's called herxing. Herxing is extremely painful and frustrating but it is a sign that treatment is working. 

7. Encourage.

This could be as simple as a hug or Facebook message. It will mean more than you realize. My best friend once put together a care package full of things I could do while lying down. She included things like craft items and movies. It meant the world to me and encouraged me to keep fighting.

8. Spend time together.

If your loved one is up for it, try to spend time with them. A conversation may be hard so offer to watch a movie at their house or yours.

9. Healing may take a while.

It's taken me three years to get to the point where I am beginning to feel almost normal. I am still exhausted, in pain, and forgetting things but I am far better than I was before. Even though I am feeling better I still need encouragement. I am tired of fighting, I want this season over but I refuse to give up!

10. Pray

Prayer is always the best thing to do and sometimes it may be the only thing you can do. I am incredibly grateful for all the prayers said for me over the years. 

Thank you for reading. Lymies is there anything that you would add to the list? Family and friends anything else you would like to know?

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